Boards Cut to Size

At High Decora, our skilled craftsmen specialize in cutting boards to size with meticulous precision. We understand the importance of having boards that perfectly fit your specific requirements, whether it’s for cabinets, shelves, or any other custom project. With our expertise and attention to detail, we ensure that each board is accurately measured and cut to the exact dimensions you need. Our craftsmen take pride in their work, utilizing their years of experience to deliver boards that are flawlessly tailored to your specifications. Whether you require boards in different shapes, sizes, or materials, High Decora is committed to providing you with top-notch craftsmanship and custom solutions. Experience the difference of having boards cut to size by our skilled craftsmen at High Decora, where precision and quality are paramount.

Panel Edgebanding

At High Decora, our team of highly skilled craftsmen possesses exceptional expertise in the art of panel edgebanding. We recognize the significance of flawlessly integrated and long-lasting edgebanding to elevate both the visual appeal and functionality of your panels. Through our meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee that each panel receives meticulous edge treatment, be it for cabinetry, furniture, or other customized projects. Employing advanced techniques and utilizing top-quality edgebanding materials, our craftsmen achieve a faultless finish that surpasses your expectations. With High Decora, you can have full confidence that your panels will exude a refined and professional appearance, enhancing the overall excellence and durability of your furniture or cabinetry. Immerse yourself in the remarkable distinction of panel edgebanding crafted by our skilled artisans at High Decora, where we consistently prioritize precision and the delivery of impeccable craftsmanship.

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Computerized Cutting

Our cutting process is fully computer controlled which allows us to cut your boards to an extremely high standard.

Exceptional Accuracy



Exceptional Accuracy

Combine technology and our staff's experience and we will cut all your panels with 0.1mm accuracy.



Panel Labelling

We label all your panels the moment they are cut to make your life easier (and ours too). No chance of ever getting lost between panels.

Panel Labelling​



Quality Check

Nothing leaves our sight. We standardly check the quality of all our cut and edged panels before your job leaves our factory and makes its way to you.

Quality Check​