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Fitted Wardrobe
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Bespoke Furniture



It has always been High Decors Bedrooms’ top priority to Manufacture and Install Morden Fitted Wardrobes to complete their long-pending house interior look, and most up-to-date trends and to equip them with the best, most innovative fitted wardrobe.

We make it easier to give you your fitted bedroom set. Welcome to High Decora, a London-based manufacturing company, that designs your Loft Wardrobes, Furniture, Kitchens, Awkward Spaces, etc., all in one place. If you were looking for a way to customize your made-to-measure wardrobes in the UK.


The kitchen is the heart of every home so to help you get the most out of it, our designers are fully technically trained and constantly updated with all innovations.  Every modern kitchen deserves a kitchen island as it has become a real icon, and we keep this in mind while designing every kitchen island idea. 

 Kitchen islands in the UK have great storage features, better display features, and functionality. We keep in mind the kitchen island ideas of each individual to design the finest kitchen islands in the UK.


We all have awkward spaces in the home, which generally are wasted. We can help you in transforming awkward spaces into truly fantastic storage solutions. Awkward spaces need creative design solutions, and we have quite an expertise in the same.

Whether you’re struggling to fill an awkward space or looking to create more room in your home, we have clever space-saving Built-in Storage Ideas that will help combat tricky areas. We can make full use of your empty spaces, alcoves, undersides, and hallways with our latest and innovative techniques just in the way you need.


Our team provides a one-stop solution to all your home’s furniture requirements. So whether you are looking for a personalized TV & Entertainment unit, High Decora's broad-gauge services provide bespoke furniture fitted to you! We work with some of the best project managers, architects, interior designers, artisans, etc., to furnish high-end home furniture in the UK.

Our fitted furniture is created as an extension of your personality as our interior designers create elegant furniture according to your style statement and space measurements.

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