Highdecora: The Best Fitted Wardrobe Company in the UK

The Best Fitted Wardrobe Company in the UK


When it comes to transforming your living space with elegant and functional fitted wardrobes, choosing the right company is crucial. In the United Kingdom, there are several built-in wardrobe companies vying for your attention. However, Highdecora stands out as the unrivalled leader in the industry. With a commitment to craftsmanship, customization, and exceptional service, Highdecora surpasses its competitors to become the best fitted wardrobe company in the UK. In this blog, we will explore the top built-in wardrobe companies in the UK.

Top Built-In Wardrobe Companies in the UK:

Wren Kitchens:

Wren Kitchens is a well-known company specializing in kitchen designs and installations. While kitchens are their primary focus, they also offer built-in wardrobes as part of their product range. Wren Kitchens is recognized for providing functional solutions and quality products. However, their expertise and specialization in kitchens may result in limited customization options and design finesse for their fitted wardrobes.


Howdens is a popular supplier of kitchens, joinery, and hardware. They offer a range of built-in wardrobes as part of their product portfolio. Howdens primarily caters to trade professionals, such as builders and contractors. While their products are known for their quality and durability, they may lack the same level of customization and bespoke designs as companies specializing solely in fitted wardrobes, such as Highdecora.


Sharps is a company dedicated to creating bespoke fitted wardrobes and storage solutions. They provide a variety of styles and configurations to suit different customer preferences. While Sharps offers personalized designs, their craftsmanship and attention to detail may not reach the same level of excellence as Highdecora. However, they are still recognized for providing functional and stylish wardrobe solutions.

Neville Johnson:

Neville Johnson is a renowned brand specializing in bespoke furniture, including fitted wardrobes. They offer luxurious and elegant designs that cater to the high-end market. Neville Johnson’s wardrobes are known for their craftsmanship and use of premium materials. However, their customization options and personalized service may not be as extensive as what Highdecora provides.

Hammonds UK:

Hammonds UK is an established company that offers a range of fitted furniture, including wardrobes. They provide functional and stylish solutions to maximize storage space in bedrooms. While their products are of good quality, Hammonds UK may not offer the same level of customization, attention to detail, and design finesse as Highdecora. Nonetheless, they remain a reputable choice for built-in wardrobes in the UK.

Online Bedrooms:

Online Bedrooms is an online retailer specializing in built-in wardrobes and bedroom furniture. They offer cost-effective solutions for customers looking to enhance their storage space. While their products may provide budget-friendly options, they may not match the premium materials, customization choices, and personalized service that Highdecora offers. However, Online Bedrooms cater to a specific market segment seeking affordable fitted wardrobes.

JV Carpentry:

JV Carpentry is a carpentry company that provides bespoke fitted wardrobes among their services. Their expertise lies in carpentry craftsmanship, ensuring solid and well-built wardrobes. However, they may not possess the same expertise and design finesse level as Highdecora. JV Carpentry can be a suitable choice for customers seeking reliable carpentry services for their fitted wardrobes.

Why Highdecora is the Best Fitted Wardrobe Company:

Impeccable Craftsmanship: Highdecora prides itself on its unmatched craftsmanship. Each fitted wardrobe is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who pay close attention to detail. From the selection of premium materials to flawless assembly, Highdecora ensures that every wardrobe reflects its commitment to excellence.

Customization at its Finest: Highdecora understands that every client has unique requirements and preferences. They offer a comprehensive customization process that involves collaborating closely with clients to create bespoke wardrobes that perfectly suit their space and style. From layout and storage options to finishes and accessories, Highdecora provides an extensive range of choices to bring your vision to life.

Premium Materials and Finishes: Highdecora uses only the finest materials and finishes to create their fitted wardrobes. From solid wood frames to durable hinges and sliding mechanisms, their commitment to quality ensures that their wardrobes are not only visually stunning but also built to last.

Attention to Detail: Highdecora’s meticulous attention to detail sets them apart. From the seamless integration of wardrobes into existing spaces to the precision of fittings and handles, every aspect is carefully considered to achieve a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Superior Customer Service: Highdecora prioritizes exceptional customer service. Their team of professionals provides personalized guidance throughout the entire process, from initial design discussions to final installation. Highdecora’s commitment to customer satisfaction ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience.


When it comes to choosing the best fitted wardrobe company in the UK, Highdecora surpasses its competitors on every front. With their impeccable craftsmanship, extensive customization options, premium materials, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service, Highdecora sets the benchmark for excellence in the industry. Elevate your living space with Highdecora’s exceptionally fitted wardrobes and experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality. Contact Highdecora today and transform your home into a haven of sophistication and organization.